Doodling with your inner artist

How much time do you spend hovering over a piece of paper with a pen in your hand ready to leave a mark? Does every little white surface seem like it needs to be filled with an abstract tornado? Not everything in our lives is under our strict control. Artists tend to believe that they must be true masters of every stroke, but forget that what makes a great piece is that deep involuntary feeling they sewed into the fabric of creation. If you could let your mind create without limitations, would that doodle be a masterpiece?

DuDe doodles all the time. If he has an object capable of leaving a trace in his hand, he is going to make a subconscious mark. Even as a baby he decorated his house walls with a pale mark of a half-eaten apple.  Everything looks better with a little piece of art by its side. It does not have to relate to it in order to make it more desirable. This is why DuDe likes seeing other people doodle. It tells him that there is more to them than a hard flesh shell. It tells him they are free. Free to balance the world on a tip of a pen. They are meeting themselves halfway.

Doodles are not something you plan or something you design. They represent the need to make a dull situation more pleasing to the mind. It is our intellect’s way of creating the ideal scenario for itself. Because of this they are the purest form of art, devoid of any conscious interference that might make them less personal. In a way, they are the only true brushstroke of our inner artist.

Weather you doodle cubes, tornados or faces shows the limit of your mind’s comfort zone. Don’t think of this as a bad thing, because everything you do is outside of this personal boundary. In this way you can consciously aspire to anything while your subconscious thoughts keep your mind at ease. Whether you are an artist or not you still have a great life partner with you to fill all those creative holes you sometimes leave behind.

Some of you might see this as an everlasting fight between brain hemispheres, where the left one is the cruel black and white mathematician that wants to drive straight across the highway, but is constantly being fed wrong directions by his high school dropout rainbow brother with a guitar who wants to experience the beauty of twisting mountain roads. But balance is the thing that makes us all human and our mind’s endeavor to make it so, in any situation, is nothing short of art. Doodles are just a weight placed on the scales of thought to bring us together with ourselves and make each moment whole.

Next time you doodle, don’t think about it. Your mind has your back. It does not mean that you are in a non-creative life scenario. It just means that you can support yourself through any and all life’s challenges.


Geometry doodle
Stickman doodle
Everyday doodles

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